Why Potomac Audiology? Real-Ear Measurements: The gold standard. Watch the video below to see the process!

To ensure that your hearing aids are optimally configured for your hearing needs, Potomac Audiology performs verification using Real-Ear Measurements in order to produce a graph of what your prescription should be and what your hearing aids are actually putting out so that necessary adjustments can be made.

Without Real-Ear Measurement there is no way to know if your hearing aids are doing what they should be doing for you.

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So much more than a hearing aid specialist:

All of our patients undergo a diagnostic hearing evaluation by an audiologist for a complete understanding of their hearing loss, including a medical history review, otoscopy, middle ear testing, and a pure-tone test.

It’s important that our patients feel informed and comfortable; our hearing evaluations include time to review your results, answer questions, and help you understand recommendations.

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Specialized hearing care for children

The process for testing hearing and fitting hearing aids to children is different than it is for adults. Potomac Audiology offers hearing diagnostics, audiological evaluations, and hearing aid fittings for newborns, infants, and children with hearing loss, to provide them with the best hearing solution and quality of life.

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In the video Dr. Linn walks you through the steps of pairing (or repairing) your Hearing Aids to your iPhone.

What Our Clients Say

"I recommended Dr Linn to my father after researching local audiologists in the NOVA/MD area. My father has said that Dr Linn is very professional, confident in her knowledge, and thorough in her testing. She recommended that he purchase hearing aids (with a 60-day trial period). Prices are competitive. So far his experience has been smooth."
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“Best Audiologist,” Best of Bethesda Readers Poll, Bethesda Magazine