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    For over 75 years, Phonak has continued to create innovative hearing solutions that positively impact millions of people. We believe that hearing well is essential to your overall well-being. For this reason, we create solutions that are designed to keep you engaged socially, thriving mentally and feeling good physically. Being able to fully participate in conversations is like a spark of light in the dark. When you can hear and understand conversations around you, it can illuminate your entire world. This is where Phonak Audéo Lumity really shines. It focuses on giving you improved speech understanding1 with its unique Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology. Now you can enjoy conversations in many challenging listening situations — like hearing the quiet talking barista in your favorite coffee shop. Get ready for an enlightening listening experience and shine with Lumity. Conversations shine with Lumity.

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    Simplify & Enrich Your Hearing Aid Journey with Maudey

    Potomac Audiology is the first audiology practice to offer Maudey — your personalized online hearing aid mentor. Maudey was designed to be ultra-easy to use by people who normally are not comfortable using computers. It was designed and clinically tested at Potomac Audiology by an experienced audiology and digital health team with support from grants awarded by NIH. Also, Maudey’s secure system is HIPAA-compliant — so your Protected Health Information will never be shared with third parties.
    After you are fitted with your new hearing aids, your hearing care professional will introduce you to Maudey and enroll you. After you view the 12-minute introductory video, you will be ready to start your hearing aid journey by viewing additional short and easy-to-follow videos on the use and care of your hearing aids and more effective communication methods. Maudey also will help you set and track personal hearing goals, report your hearing aid experiences to your provider, solve common hearing aid problems, order hearing aid supplies, educate family members about your hearing aids and much more — all from the comfort of your home.
    And best of all, Potomac Audiology is now offering Maudey’s services (a $200 value) to all its clients free of charge. So, if you acquire hearing aids at our office, be sure to ask your audiologist about Maudey.

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