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Whether you’re starting to experience hearing loss or you already have hearing aids, you should know which professional to turn to when you need help. When it comes to a hearing aid specialist or audiologist in Bethesda, Maryland, who does what in the world of hearing disorders?

What Is a Hearing Aid Specialist, and What Do They Do?

Also known as a hearing instrument specialist, this type of professional specializes in fitting and dispensing hearing aids to individuals with hearing loss. They work closely with audiologists to provide hearing solutions to patients.

To become a hearing aid specialist in the United States, one typically needs a high school diploma or equivalent, followed by completing a state-approved training program, which can vary in length. Some states may require licensure or certification to practice.

What Is an Audiologist, and What Do They Do?

An audiologist is a healthcare professional specializing in diagnosing, treating, and preventing hearing and balance disorders. They play a crucial role in helping individuals of all ages manage hearing-related issues.

An audiologist typically needs a doctoral degree in audiology (Au.D.), which requires four years of postgraduate study. Audiologists also undergo supervised clinical training and may obtain additional certifications to specialize in areas such as pediatric audiology or cochlear implants.

How Do I Know Which Medical Professional to See for My Hearing Needs?

Both a hearing aid specialist or audiologist in Bethesda, Maryland can conduct thorough hearing assessments, prescribe and fit hearing aids, suggest assistive listening devices (ALDs), and provide guidance to patients and their families on communication and listening techniques.

If you have hearing concerns, start with an audiologist for a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment planning.

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