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Hearing aids significantly impact your quality of life, and regular care is crucial for maintaining their function. Over time, like most electronic devices, hearing aids can wear down or encounter problems. You might be able to troubleshoot and fix problems on your own. If, after reading this you still need help, it’s time to rely on the best hearing aid repairs in Bethesda, Maryland.

Take Your Device in for Service if You Experience Any of the Following Issues

  • The sound is weak or completely gone. Start by checking the hearing aid battery and replacing it if necessary. A common cause of weak or dead sound is wax or debris buildup. If your device has a wax guard, replace it with a new one. You should also use a cleaning tool like a brush or pick to carefully clean the microphone and receiver (speaker).
  • Your hearing aid has gotten wet. Moisture can have a significant impact on hearing aids, potentially causing various issues such as malfunction, corrosion, and reduced lifespan of your device. You can protect your hearing aid by using a dehumidifier or dry box, and avoid exposing the device to moisture including humidity.
  • You experience feedback and/or whistling. Ensure the hearing aid is correctly inserted into your ear canal. If you still experience feedback, it could be due to a blockage of wax or debris in your ear canal or an ill-fitting device.
  • Your hearing aid is slipping. Moisture in your ear canal or jaw movements during talking or chewing can cause the hearing aid to shift position. If you use a dome, consider adjusting to a smaller or larger size. Alternatively, your audiologist may recommend adding a retention wire for better stability.
  • The hearing aid is causing pain or discomfort. Be sure your hearing aid is correctly inserted into your ear. You should also check for any wax buildup in the ear canal. If discomfort persists, consider having the hearing aid shell modified or remade for a better and more comfortable fit.

I’ve Tried All These Hearing Aid Troubleshooting Tips and Nothing Worked! What Should I Do Next?

If you’ve done all you could do and your hearing aid is still not functioning properly, consider scheduling an audiology visit for the best hearing aid repairs in Bethesda, Maryland.

Your repair specialist may fix the device in the office or send it to the manufacturer if needed. If the fit is not right, a new ear mold impression can be taken, and the device can be remade.

Your audiologist will also check for any blockage in your ear canal. If your ears are clear, they may assess your hearing to determine if any changes have occurred. If you’ve experienced further hearing loss, the audiologist can reprogram your hearing aid accordingly. You can count on them to recommend the best course of action to ensure your hearing aid works optimally for you.

Does Insurance Cover Hearing Aid Repairs?

Health insurance coverage for hearing aids varies, but many providers only cover the cost of diagnostic hearing exams to assess hearing loss. Availability of hearing care coverage depends on your insurance program, plan, and state regulations for Medicaid and Medicare if applicable. The easiest way to find out what yours will and will not cover is to contact your insurer directly.

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