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Are Hearing Aids Covered Under My Insurance?

One of the hardest, most stressful parts of getting hearing aids is figuring out how to cover the expense.

If you’re one of the many asking, “Are hearing aids covered under my insurance,” keep reading to find out if you qualify for coverage!

Are Hearing Aids Covered Under My Insurance? How Do I Figure Out If Hearing Aids Are Covered?

It’s no secret that hearing aids are expensive. Because of this, one of the first questions patients ask is, “Are hearing aids covered under my insurance?” Navigating coverage is no easy task, but it can be easier if you know where and how to check.

First, look for a document titled “Summary of Benefits and Coverage” in your insurance paperwork. This is a federally required document for insurance companies to provide. It is written to be easy to comprehend and lists all of the general services your plan covers.

Second, if you’re still not sure, call your insurer and simply ask them the extent of your insurance coverage for hearing related services.

Some insurance companies will help you with receiving hearing aids. In fact, it’s actually required that they assist you in some states. However, your insurance may financially assist you with tests and evaluations but not the actual hearing devices.

After confirming with your insurer that they cover hearing aids, then it’s time to ask about your maximum allowable charge, which audiologists are covered, and the extent of coverage.

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