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Losing your hearing aid is both scary and frustrating, causing simple day-to-day living to become a lot more difficult. If this sounds like your predicament, you may be asking, “Can you replace one lost hearing aid?” Keep reading for answers to your questions!

How Can You Avoid Losing Your Hearing Aids in the First Place?

Priced at $2,000 or more each, replacing a lost device can be pricey. Once you get your new device, make sure to follow these steps and incorporate the following strategies to keep it safe and secure with you.

  • Establish a daily routine. Be consistent when wearing and removing your hearing aids, and regularly clean and maintain your devices. This helps you become more aware of their presence and keep track of them. The more you handle them due for maintenance and routine care, the less likely you are to misplace them.
  • Make sure you have a secure fit. Ensure your hearing aids fit securely in your ears or are properly attached if they’re behind-the-ear style. Visiting your audiologist can help you verify that your devices fit correctly.
  • Store devices properly. Always place your aids in their designated storage case when not in use. This prevents them from becoming lost.
  • Use retainers. Retainers or clips can help keep your devices in place, especially during physical activities such as exercise or playing sports.
  • Use a tracker. Some hearing aids come with tracking features or apps that help you locate them in case they go missing.
  • Perform a visual check. Make it a habit to visually inspect the area where you’ve been sitting or moving to ensure your devices are not left behind.

Can You Replace One Lost Hearing Aid? Why or Why Not?

In most cases, it’s possible to replace a single lost hearing aid, though it’s not always ideal.

When one is lost, it disrupts the balance of sound and can affect your ability to hear properly. The remaining hearing aid might need adjustments to ensure proper functioning But, it’s often recommended to replace both devices to maintain optimal hearing clarity and balance.

In addition to this, if your devices are on the older side, it may be difficult to find their exact match. This results in wearing two different types.

Make sure to talk with your doctor to determine the best route for you and whether or not a singular replacement is appropriate for your needs.

What Are the Steps You Should Take Before Replacing Your Device?

Before you replace your device, pause and take a few deep breaths, then follow these steps!

  • Retrace your steps. Go back to the last place you remember having the hearing aid and carefully search the area.
  • Check accessories. Make sure you’ve thoroughly checked your storage case, accessories, and any clothing it might have fallen into.
  • Contact your provider. Inform your hearing health specialist about the lost hearing aid. They can guide you on the next steps and discuss replacement options.
  • Adjust your remaining aid. If you’re using only one hearing aid temporarily, ask your provider to adjust it for optimal performance.
  • Check your warranty. If your hearing devices are covered by insurance or under warranty, check to see if lost devices are eligible for replacement at reduced cost.

Need Hearing Aid Replacements? Potomac Audiology Has Got You Covered!

Do you have more questions like, “Can you replace one lost hearing aid?” It’s time to meet our team of trusted audiologists for answers! Together, we’ll help you tackle problems head-on with comprehensive care, reasonable pricing, and patient education.

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