Hearing Aid Pricing

All levels are/have the following features:

  • Digital and programmable
  • Binaural connectivity
  • Directional microphones
  • Datalogging capabilities
  • Feedback suppression
  • Noise cancellation
  • Program options
  • Bluetooth connectivity (may vary based on hearing aid style)

Premium: $2650-$3050 Each

These hearing aids have the most features and provide a seamless listening experience.

Best suited for those with active lifestyles and spend most of their time in complex listening environments.

  • Greatest number of adjustable frequency bands
  • Most flexibility in fine tuning
  • Most advanced and sophisticated binaural coordination/processing
  • Advanced situational noise reduction
  • Additional speech support in reverberant and echoic listening environments

Mid-Level: $2400-$2750 Each

These hearing aids are high-performing and can suit the needs of most individuals.

Best suited for those with moderately active lifestyles and divides their time in complex/quiet listening environments.

  • Moderate number of adjustable frequency bands
  • Appropriate for meeting prescriptive targets
  • Refined binaural coordination
  • Improved situational noise reduction
  • Improved speech processing

Basic/Standard: $2150-$2500 each

These hearing aids are simple and appropriate for those with minimal listening needs.

Best suited for patients with sedentary lifestyles and engage primarily in small settings (one-on-one conversation).

  • Fewest number of adjustable frequency bands
  • Less flexibility in fine-tuning
  • Simple binaural coordination
  • Basic background noise reduction

All levels come with:

A full year of service with as many appointments as you need to adjust your hearing aid perfectly.

Free batteries for the first year.

3 year warranty (4 years for Phonak Hearing Aids)

3 year loss and damage replacement warranty

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