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Gail Lnn, owner of Potomac Audiology
Gail Linn, owner of Potomac Audiology in Rockville, MD.

Gail Linn, owner of Potomac Audiology, has worked with the hearing impaired since 1984. During this time she owned a practice in Waterloo, Iowa that included a main office and five satellite offices. In 1998 she moved to the Washington DC area and opened Potomac Hearing Professionals. She also served as the Director of Private Practice and Industry at the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). In June of 2004, Gail resigned her position at ASHA to pursue private practice full time. During her tenure at ASHA she conducted many interviews and was the Ex-Officio on a number of practice documents.

Gail is also a Technical Expert for Frye Electronics, where she trains other hearing healthcare professionals on equipment for hearing evaluations and hearing aid fitting.

Her area of expertise in the field of audiology is hearing aid fitting. She takes special care in the evaluation process and the hearing aid fitting process. She believes that the use of Real-Ear Measurement is one of the keys to successful hearing aid fitting.

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